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The focus of our Organization, Jesus Only Way to Heaven Ministries , is wide ranging from ensuring the provision of basic needs to capacity building and developing the existing resources. We, however, emphasize on the spiritual and physical need of the people. The Organization has been funding its projects endogenously.


Our Programs specifically encompass the following:

  • Provide a forum where researchers could coordinate activities for adults and children to learn their rights.
  • Create an awareness regarding the rights of children among communities.
  • Establish a database on the rights of children and adults in particular, human rights in general. A place where researchers could coordinate activities within this database.
  • With desire in our hearts taking the good news of the Gospel from Village to Village, Town to Town, City to City and State to State in India and proclaiming the name of Jesus through Preaching and Teaching and sharing the Gospel and the soon return of Christ wherever the Lord calls, serving by example and prayerfully inspiring others to do the same.
  • To SHOW the love of Christ and to save and serve the lost through care and feeding of orphans, neglected, vagabonds, street children and the abused women and widows and providing free medical aid to the poor and needy at any length, Where excellence is evident in all we do, no matter what we do, God asked that we do it with the intention of it being done to the best of our ability and knowledge.
  • To help others KNOW Christ through a personal relationship by providing free Bibles and educational materials and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Savior and help people in need. We believe and depend on the Lord daily, walking in faith each day. We pray that many may be saved and that we may fulfill God’s Word to help those less fortunate
  • Establish and run a rehabilitation center, providing facilities such as a residence formal/informal education center to counsel children and the younger generation in crisis in developing skills.
  • Establish a physical rehabilitation for the disabled, poor and orphaned children.
  • Selecting unreached areas of villages and people groups of tribes for evangelism and church planting.
  • Conducting three month training school for pastors and leaders every year.
  • Establish a documentation center for accumulation and dissemination information regarding children rights.

Missions Objectives

  • Organization for Human Prosperity is a society of reform, welfare and Spiritual Organization of the Christians which are not concerned with politics. The basic purpose is to promote within the country, ethical Christian brothers and sisters’ and the development of the stability of the country sovereignty and Christianity general welfare and to participate in all activities.
  • To Generalize the Christian education and developmental and magazines, religious literature, library development and established to conduct seminars against social evils and drugs.
  • To print publish issue, circulate, carry on research aid and assist other similar efforts in relation to the objectives of the Society.
  • To assist and provide Audio and Video Assistance to the students.
  • To provide free school uniforms, books and education facilities to the deserving students.
  • To hold crusades, mission training, school and an outreach.
  • To authorize and commission, to exercise and perform all the functions, rights and harmonies of the Christian faith and Gospel in compliance with the laws of resident state.
  • To glorify God by launching a movement, disciplining church planters, caring for orphans, and bringing revival among believers in preparation for the coming of our King, the Lord Jesus Christ, increased awareness to many thousands of believers. Starting small Bible study and evangelism groups.


  • Helping as many as 60 orphans and needy children as resources are made available.
  • Forming and mobilizing prayer and support groups and to reach atleast 10,000 villages by 2020.
  • Developing and managing three orphan homes with 20 children each.
  • Translating and publishing Good News tracts, booklets, and Bible study materials into other tribal languages.
  • To plant the Churches in every village planting 50 churches among targeted areas by 2020.
  • To establish the Bible College in order to produce fully devoted Disciples of Christ.
  • Regular mentoring, evaluation, and fellowship network to fulfill the vision and mission of our ministry
  • Establish a rehabilitation facility for adults and children in crises.
  • To establish a free hospital, public welfare institution, orphanage, religious institution to construct churches under the banner of the Organization.
  • To establish the Community Center for all the hurting People.

Your sacrificial offering will help us to reach more and more souls every day.