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A Heartily Welcome to All Friends and Well-wishers

Blessings in the Mighty, Matchless, Only True Living God and Soon Coming King in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Jesus Only Way To Heaven


(Founder, Teacher and Evangelist )

Jesus Only Way To Heaven

Santhosh Kumar

Jesus Only Way To Heaven

Michael Bradley

(Our Little Prayer Warrior)


It was a long journey for me to come to Christ. Sometimes the experiences were painful and disturbing. Hinduism was a very old religion and came much before Christianity. It has many fascinating philosophies and scriptures. But why did we still choose Christ? Because there is no Savior in any other religion who claimed to bear the sins of whole world upon his shoulders and died for the mankind, like Jesus did. Jesus claimed that He died for us, including you and me. The greatest sacrifice that one can do to others is laying down one’s life for others and our Lord Jesus did for us. Even while hanging on his dying cross, he said “Father, forgive them, thy know not what thy are doing.

I am happy now that I accepted Christ and found the truth. There is no joy that equals working for him and his kingdom. If you are not from a Christian background, will you open your heart to my Lord? It is not about whether you are right or I am right, but about what is right. Will you please pray this humble prayer? “ Lord jesus, who are you? I hear a lot about you. I want to know who you truly are. Please reveal yourself to me”. Many of the islam followers had the real exposure to the gospel of Christ. The only one person mentioned in the Koran of virgin birth, the only one person with the holy spirt is Jesus Christ. The day is approaching that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is the living god, and he is the only hope of the world.

I am born again and am a heaven-bound believer. It has been nine years now being locked up but I have to tell you I count it a joy to have the time I have each day to study and pray and the great chance to tell many about Jesus. I have learned to live today for Jesus by doing His will and obeying His word. I can sleep like a baby knowing Jesus is with me and will never leave me nor forsake me. Without a doubt in my mind I know if I should die or Jesus should come tonight, to heaven I would go. Glory be to God! So I tell you—God can take the disobeyed and make a preacher. He can take hate and turn it into love. Remember—the devil is a liar and the father of all lies. Jesus is our Savior. Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened.

Many times the enemy tried to take my life either by overdosing, cutting myself, or being on the streets. And each and every time God said, “No, this one is mine!” But through it all God has been developing his character in me so that his love can flow freely through me. I hear his voice more clearly than ever before and I know that greatness is ahead. I know that life will always have surprises, some of which will devastate, but I know in whom I trust and he will strengthen me in those times and love me with the fatherly love that only he can. I shared Jesus with my mom and she got saved, “God, if you’re real, do to me what you’ve done to them.” The peace of God overwhelmed me as I sensed something like oil flow from my head down to my feet, making me feel clean,

I thank GOD for saving me and for what he has done in my life, that I had lived for over 24 years. JESUS has saved me and he has turned my life around and now I will live for him. Whatever He asks me to do I will do it without question. Thank you JESUS MY LORD AND SAVIOR. By staying in the word of God, praying, and fasting I find myself growing closer to God each day. The more I have Jesus in my life the more I want of Him. I have tried everything this world has to offer but it all failed. Jesus Christ lifted me up so much greater than anything this world has had to offer and filled me with love, happiness and peace. This is what I want to share with everyone. Jesus Christ has set me free. I am a child of His and this gives me the rights to the great inheritance of heaven being my home forevermore. He set me free from the bondage of sin that was dragging me to hell, but I am freed by Calvary.

My heart is to help those who are suffering with any type of addiction. I am completely in love with Jesus, who has saved me from this world and the devil many, many times. I know my calling from the Lord is to help his children who are lost in this world who are suffering with addiction, mental disorders–anything that keeps them from knowing the never-ending love and peace of God! I pray love to the King who saved me from this world!

This Ministry is a Family of believers, bound together by the unconditional love of Jesus, with a strong passion to reach every village in India through the life-changing Gospel of Christ. We are geared towards restoring lives, bringing hope to the lost and Preaching and Teaching the Good News of the Gospel. We have seen God move through these years in Ministry and we carry along with us so many praise reports of God changing lives and destinies of so many hurting people, not only here but also at our neighboring villages, towns, city suburbs and parts of India Receive an impartation too by identifying in a way with this Ministry. Praise the Lord for His Glory.

I shall be very gratitude to the Lord for being given me this opportunity to share my views with you at this juncture. My name is Sis. Maria married to Santhosh Kumar. Got married in the year 2011. Santhosh supports in all the ministry endeavors, have one loving son. I was born in 1982. I have two elder Brothers and two elder Sisters. At the age of 24, God has called me to do His service for the unsaved and unreached People and I obeyed His call. I got deeply involved in Prayer and Evangelism. God had helped and blessed abundantly through the encouragement and involvement in the Ministry. I was focused on fulfilling the vision of the Lord in parts of India and surrounding states, towns and villages. My vision and mission is to do the Will of God and win as many souls as I can to Christ and be ready for the soon coming King and for His Reign. Please say a prayer for my people to give their heart to Jesus Christ before their life is over.

I love you Jesus, Jesus reigns

May God richly Bless you today and everyday.

Sis. Maria


I Corinthians 3:9a “For we are labourers together with God



Jesus Only Way To Heaven is an evangelistic ministry is born of the Spirit of God with the purpose of carrying out the commission that Jesus gave to his disciples in the 16th Chapter of Mark verses 15 through 18. “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover". It is the belief of this ministry that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners.

12/309 Sri Raghavendra Nagar, Kovoor Village.

Chennai – 600128. Tamil Nadu. INDIA.